Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed

RappFLOW Mission:
To help preserve, protect, conserve and restore
water resources and watersheds in Rappahannock County

Avon Hall Pond Project

RappFLOW Board briefs the Washington Town Council on Pond Project

Avon Hall Pond Project

"Pond News is Good News" - Rappahannock News article about Avon Hall presentation in October 2014

Soil test report for Avon Hall Pond is in!

People and Pollinators Enjoy Town Habitats (June 2014)

Summary of Plantings at Avon Hall 2013/2014 (new plantings 7/24/14)

Plan of Work April - September 2014

Washington nature trail takes shape

2014 Proposal to Virginia Trees for Clean Water

Rappahannock students participate in Avon Hall Pond Project

Avon Hall Pond Project Brochure (March 2014)

Combined Avon Hall Pond Plan 2013 (PDF)

Avon Hall Pond Watershed project gets green light from Soil & Water District for converting "Turf to Natives."

Rappahannock County Revises Comprehensive Plan 2014

Rappahannock Rappidan Regional Commission, Land Use and Environment Committee. RappFLOW participates in the regional Land Use and Environment Committee at the Rappahannock Rapidan Regional Commission.

7/26/08 Virginia Legislature Commends Community Watershed Organizations

6/10/08 TMDL plan for Hazel, Hughes & Rush River watersheds



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Sorting critters at Watershed Field Day 2013RappFLOW and Ten Other Organizations Hosted Our Fourth Annual Watershed Field Day on September 18, 2014, for Students in All Rappahannock Schools, Public and Private

Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watersheds (RappFLOW), partners with Trout Unlimited, sponsor of Trout Unlimited Camp, to offer a scholarship to a resident of Rappahannock County.

2014 RappFLOW Board of Directors

VA DEQ honors request for Rush River Monitoring
RappFLOW wrote a formal request to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, requesting that the DEQ provide additional water quality monitoring downstream of the town of Washington on the Rush River. We received a letter stating that the DEQ will honor our request.

Impaired streams study final results from VA DEQ March 22, 2007


"My Watershed" Section

To help you in understanding and protecting YOUR watershed, and to help neighbors work together on their local subwatersheds, go to “My Watershed." Can you find YOUR watershed here? Notice that there are several different maps available for each watershed, plus even more for the Upper Thornton. Read more about it!