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About RappFLOW

RappFLOW's Mission

To help preserve, protect, conserve and restore water resources and watersheds in Rappahannock County.

Who We Are

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Strategic Plan as of May 2006

RappFLOW is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is designated 501C3 not for profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. RappFLOW was founded in 2002 by citizen volunteers representing the varied interests of people who live in and around Rappahannock County, VA. (Check out our photo gallery to meet some of our volunteers.)

Financial contributions are welcome!
Make out your check to RappFLOW and send to
Box 132
Sperryville, VA 22740

Your donations are tax deductible.

The people who get involved in RappFLOW are from all walks of life, all points of view, all kinds of interests and backgrounds. We learn from each other and from experts we invite to help us learn together.

RappFLOW is a member of The Orion Grassroots Network of environmental and community organizations in North America. The Network now actively supports 819 organizations with several new member groups joining each week.  See http://www.oriononline.org/pages/ogn/index.cfm


Over 20 other organizations have provided support and encouragement to our work.

Advisory Committee

These individuals provide guidance to RappFLOW.


The goal of RappFLOW is to build a shared base of knowledge among all stakeholders. From this knowledge we can distill and prioritize issues that are important to the citizens and to the protection of our watershed. We view this knowledge-building activity as foundational for future watershed management planning activities.


From spring 2003 to fall 2004, RappFLOW held five public education forums. The topics of these forums included the following:

  • Air and water quality in the Shenandoah National Park
  • Riparian buffers
  • Erosion/sedimentation/stream protection
  • Sustainable forestry and impact on watershed protection and water quality
  • Impact of agriculture on water quality and mitigation strategies.


The following individuals have provided guidance to RappFLOW. In addition, some members of the Rappahannock Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission have served as presenters, panelists, and workshop participants.

Robert Anderson
Don Audette
Medge Carter
Janet Davis, Coordinator
Jill DuVall
Jed DuVall
Reid Folsom
Beth Gall
Sarah Gannon
Khalil Hassan
Clyde Humphrey
Hal Hunter
Beverly Hunter, Coordinator
Martin Johnson
Bruce Jones

Jill Keihn
Paul Komar
Kenner Love
Julie May
Dick McNear
Cliff Miller
Chris Parrish
Francois-Marie Patorni,  Coordinator
John Rice
Joe Thompson
Jeff Walker
Carey Whitehead
Greg Wilchelns
Lyt Wood
Mitzie Young

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