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March 2006 - Larry Oliver

Monira Rifaat : RappFLOW Person of the Month
April 2006

Monira Rifaat, RappFLOW's April 2006 Person of the MonthRappFLOW recognizes Monira Rifaat, owner of Manor Farm and a cattle farmer in the Covington River watershed, as Person of the Month for April 2006.

Monira is a member of the RappFLOW Advisory Committee and brings essential knowledge and guidance to RappFLOW planning and activities relating to preservation of agriculture and agricultural Best Management Practices that are central to watershed protection. 

As Chair of the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District’s Board of Directors, she teaches RappFLOW volunteers about cost-sharing programs available to farmers.  Her own farm participates in the CREP program (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program), providing many acres of vegetative buffers Monira and friendsalong the Covington River and streams to protect them from sedimentation and agricultural runoff. 

Additionally, Rifaat serves on the County’s Farm Preservation Program and the Water Quality Advisory Committee, which enables her to advise RappFLOW on local government concerns about water quality and watershed protection.  


Monira's daughter and grandchildren look on ... Monira's daughter and grandchildren  look on ...

Monira's daughter and granddaughters look on.