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Kenny Giles : RappFLOW Person of the Month
May 2006

Kenny GilesKenny Giles grew up in Rappahannock County, and has a broad knowledge of our natural environment, people, places, and values.

Kenny brings to RappFLOW a strong background in environmental science and aerial photo interpretation, and interest in water quality monitoring. He has a degree from Virginia Tech in Environmental Resource Management from the School of Forestry and Wildlife.

For the 2005 RappFLOW Pilot Study, he developed the "Giles method" using aerial photography to classify land cover. He has participated in numerous watershed training programs and workshops and is now acting as RappFLOW’s Team Leader in Field Studies. He initiated Kenny Giles training Stan Berman & Ellie ClarkeRappFLOW's collaboration with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to establish Quality Assurance Procedures and appropriate instruments for for water monitoring.

Kenny works in Linden as an aerial imagery analyst for an environmental consulting company.

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