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Rappahannock County Clean Streams Days 2008

The Rappahannock County Clean Streams Initiative

County Announces "Clean Streams Programs." John W. McCarthy announced that Rappahannock County is initiating several new programs to protect the quality of surface water in the county’s streams, ponds and rivers. More info

Rappahannock County's Clean Streams Initiative is the joint effort of Rappahannock County's government, Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District, the Virginia Department of Health, and RappFLOW. One of the major goals of the Clean Streams Initiative is to provide opportunities for the people of Rappahannock County to learn how to further protect and conserve the water quality and quantity of their streams and rivers. Accordingly, this initiative will bring many activities, events, workshops, and programs to the county in the next several months.

The Clean Streams Initiative is an outreach effort unique to Rappahannock County, and the programs of the initiative reflect Rappahannock County's own watershed features and water quality and quantity needs. Rappahannock County is home to the headwaters of the Rappahannock River as well as 755 miles of streams and rivers. How citizens care for and use their watersheds affects not only these individuals but also everyone and everything downstream. Many of Rappahannock County's watersheds are still protected by land cover, and we are therefore fortunate to have the opportunity to conserve and protect what we already have instead of undergoing the costly and tedious restoration process to rebuild our watersheds.

Rappahannock County has launched its Clean Streams Initiative to provide a focus for these efforts. The goals of this initiative are:

  • To develop more effective strategies for storm water management on non-agricultural lands,
  • To develop an erosion and sedimentation control program,
  • To implement a septic systems improvement cost-sharing program to help residents reduce or eliminate the discharge of pollutants from their system into local streams and rivers,
  • To provide effective training and educational programs to the public that will support local erosion and sedimentation control efforts and teach resourceful ways to enhance protection and conservation of our watersheds.

Many activities, events, workshops, and programs are being offered in Rappahannock County in the next several months to support the Rappahannock County Clean Streams Initiative.

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