Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed

Rappahannock County Clean Streams Days 2008


March 29, 2008: Home*A*Syst Workshop

Time: 9 a.m. to noon
Place: Washington, Virginia, Volunteer Fire Department
Presenter: Mac Saphir, Extension Agent-ANR
No cost. A light breakfast will be available.

Home*A*Syst Workshop

What is the Home*A*Syst Workshop?

Most of us think of our home as a safe and healthy place to live. However, research has shown that it takes only a small amount of contamination to pose a safety and/or health threat to you, your family, and your community. As part of the Clean Streams Initiative, RappFLOW is now offering the Home*A*Syst Workshop, a Virginia Cooperative Extension program, to the public at no cost in an effort to help the homeowner or renter identify and reduce the source of any potential home contaminants.

Mac Saphir, extension agent for Caroline County, will present the program on March 29, 2008 from 9:00 to 12:00 at the Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Hall. Mr. Saphir will go through an assessment system with workshop participants that will help identify and reduce home environmental risks. Assessments will include:

  • Site assessment: Protecting water quality around the home
  • Storm water management: Reducing pollutants in storm water runoff and finding ways to manage runoff on the home site
  • Drinking water well management
  • Household wastewater: Septic systems and other treatment methods
  • Managing household hazardous products
  • Yard and garden care
  • Managing household waste

This workshop is being offered at no cost, and each participant will be given a
Home*A*Syst workbook that will assist in the follow-up process. To register for this workshop, click here. Please register early, as space is limited. A confirmation of registration will be provided to each participant.

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Download the flyer! April 12, 2008: Clean Streams Day at The Schoolhouse

Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Place: The Schoolhouse in Sperryville, Virginia

Submit your Photos for exhibition on Clean Streams Day

A community-wide event! FUN projects for your home and property-we will have demonstrations, hands-on activities, workshops, and displays.

Join in, watch, or learn how to:

  • Take a guided walk along the Thornton River, learn about plants and water quality
  • Make a rain garden in your yard
  • Create a riparian buffer for your local stream or river
  • Children's educational fun and games
  • Collect and sort Macroinvertebrates (TINY stream critters) in the Thornton
  • Fish in a "clean stream" - learn what kinds of fish we have in our Clean Streams!
  • Watch demonstrations of casting for fish
  • Learn how to avoid costly erosion on your driveway or private lane
  • Get cost-sharing help with maintaining your septic system

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Download the flyer!

April 26, 2008: Making a Rain Barrel

Time and Cost: 10 a.m. to noon
Place: The Old VDOT Facility on Fodderstack Road in Washington VA
Presenter: Stephanie DeNicola of Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District

Learn how to make a rain barrel system for water retention in your very own yard. Conserve, reuse, and grow!

Cost: $40 for 1 barrel; $75 for 2 barrels
$25 for barrels without hardware

Reserve your barrel(s) by calling the Culpeper SWCD at 540-825-8591 or sending email to Stephanie.DeNicola@va.nacdnet.net.

Priority registration for Rappahannock County residents ends April 1, 2008. Register now to save your space.


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