Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed

RappFLOW and our Watersheds in the News

The following articles are from the Rappahannock News, and are grouped by topic. 

Articles about the Jordan River

Supervisors back scenic designation for Jordan River (Rappahannock News, June 2007)

Articles about Sludge Ban Ordinance

Water quality the main concern for sludge committee

Don't budge on sludge

Committee begins work on sludge ordinance

Articles about TMDL Study

Study aims to clean up county streams

What's a TMDL?

Cleaning up the rivers

Articles about RappFLOW and Partners

Protecting Our Streams

RappFLOW recognized as leader in the protection of the Chesapeake Bay

County nonprofits create a base

Partnering with Shenandoah National Park

RappFLOW person of the month for April: Monira Rifaat

RappFLOW honors high school student

Be a Voice for Your Land and Streams (Rappahannock News Article by Don Audette and Beverly Hunter, 2/1/06)

Airing Dirty Water (Rappahannock News article by Bill Kossler, 9/28/05)

9/21/2005 Planning Commission & RappFLOW

Volunteers Learn to Monitor Stream Quality (Rappahannock News article by Kit Johnson and Beverly Hunter, 9/8/05)

May 31, 2005. Representatives from the Virginia Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries, the Shenandoah National Park, and volunteers from RappFLOW conducted a fish survey along the upper Thornton River. Click here for a photograph of this successful event!Rappahannock News article 7/7/05

What's up with the watershed assessment? (Rappahannock News article, 4/28/05)

Rappahannock County watershed study underway (Rappahannock News article, 3/24/05)

RappFLOW Leaders Attend Watershed Protection Institute

Stop Erosion NOW!

Our Forest Treasures of Rappahannock County Protect Our Watershed: How We Sustain, Enjoy, and Benefit

Our Stream Treasures of Rappahannock County: How We Protect Them

Air and Water Quality in the Shenandoah National Park - How It Affects Rappahannock County and Why We Care

Articles about the Town of Washington Waste Water Discharge to Rush River

County in no rush for town to flush

Washington waste water discharge permit approved

Bubbling up and boiling over (public hearing on Washington sewage treatment plant)

The case for the Rush

Friends of the Rush River brainstorm

Friends of the Rush River question proposed wastewater sewage plan

Town of Washington financial proposal for sewage treatment plant

Articles about Land Conservation and Best Management Practices

Conservationist buys Sunnyside Farm

Meadow Grove Farm makes history

Conservation funds available

Record breaking acreage protected (in 2004)

Ben Venue protected forever

Conservation Funds Available for Local Farms (Rappahannock News article, 8/24/05)