Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed

Ways to Protect Our Watershed

Streamside Vegetation:
Our Stream Treasures of Rappahannock County: How We Protect Them
A Workshop Held July 12, 2003, at Hearthstone School




Sam Cliffton, Board Member of Hearthstone School and President of Cliffton Construction Co.
Bob Lander, President, RLEP
Janet S. Davis, Moderator


Rappahannock Citizens' Panel: What Rappahannock Streams Mean to Me
Robert "Bob" Anderson, Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors and Board Member of the Rappahannock River Basin Commission
Beth Gall, Science Teacher, Rappahannock County High School
Jill Keihn, Teacher and Parent at Hearthstone School

Audience questions and discussion


How Rappahannock Landowners Protect Their Streams
Joe Thompson, District Conservationist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Audience questions and discussion


Why Our Streams are Everyone's Concern
John Tippett, Director of Friends of the Rappahannock

Audience questions and discussion


Observing the Thornton River (weather permitting)
John Tippett, John Rice, Janet Davis, Joe Thompson and Beth Gall will lead small groups to theThornton River to make observations of streamside vegetation.


Barbeque Picnic Sponsored by RLEP


Tours of Hearthstone School Grounds
Students from Hearthstone School will take small groups on walking tours of the school grounds, gardens, streams, and river trail. Meet by the barbeque stand every fifteen minutes.

Please see exhibits and handouts from our Partners and Sponsers

The Thornton River a few yards behind Hearthstone School. Hearthstone students took RappFLOW participants on a tour of their nature path, river, and native plants garden. (photo by Bev Hunter)


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