Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed

Fourth Annual Watershed Field Day

On September 18, 2014, RappFLOW and Ten Other Organizations Will Host Our Fourth Annual Watershed Field Day for Students in All Rappahannock Schools, Public and Private

Click here to see photos of previous Field Days.

Rappahannock News story about the 2013 event

Professional staff and volunteers from these organizations work with sixth-graders and high school students in an all-day outdoor field day in September. The field is along the Thornton River in Sperryville, where students learn skills and topics related to healthy streams and watersheds:

  • RappFLOW (Rain gardens; Mapping Watersheds; Land Cover; Stormwater Management; Stream Buffers; Native Plants);
  • Mount Vernon Farm;
  • Rappahannock County Elementary School;
  • Rappahannock County High School;
  • Belle Meade School;
  • Wakefield Country Day School;
  • Flint Hill Montessori Farm School;
  • Hearthstone School;
  • Culpeper Soil & Water Conservation District (water chemistry; macroinvertebrates);
  • Piedmont Environmental Council (watershed modeling);
  • Trout Unlimited (fly fishing);
  • Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (aquatic animals);
  • Virginia Department of Forestry (native trees; stream buffers);
  • Old Rag Master Naturalists (volunteers on many topics).

RappFLOW Organizers Carolyn Thornton and Donna Marquesee work with teachers from the six schools to create a series of learning stations where students experience different aspects of watersheds they connect to their curriculum and Virginia Standards of Learning.

List Of Expert Demonstrators:

Tom Akre (plus one or two assistants) SCBI
salamanders, etc. and storm water conservation construction stuff

Jack Kauffman Dept. of Forestry
plants that help and why

Mark Malik (?) Rain Garden

Jenny Fitzhugh ORMN 
riparian buffer

Paul Kearney Trout Unlimited

Don Looke PEQ
the water conservation model

Bev Hunter Watershed Maps
what is a watershed, what is your watershed

Stephanie deNicola Culpeper Soil and Water
chemical testing

Carolyn Thornton, Louise Bondelid, Ed Dorsey
macro-invertebrate testing

Cliff Miller Conservative Farmer
CREP etc.

Janet Davis, Rachel Bynum, Donna and Forrest Marquesee