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April 10, 2006

Members Present:
Reid Folsom, RLEP, Chair
Tom Tepper, Rappahannock County Planning Commission
Bev Hunter, RappFLOW
Greg Wichelns, Culpeper Soil & Water Conservation District
Monira Rifaat, Rappahannock County Farmland Protection Comm.
Kenner Love, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Members Absent:
Bryant Lee, Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors
Medge Carter, Virginia Department of Health
Josh Makela, Rappahannock County High School
John McCarthy, County Administrator

The Chair called the meeting to order at 5:05PM. There being no objections, changes or additions, the Minutes of the March 9, 2006 meeting were approved as submitted.

Monira Rifaat opened the meeting with the question: If the Draper Aden Associates report of March 17, 2006 goes forward does the WQAC consent or comment?

There followed a lengthy and in-depth discussion of the contents of the Draper Aden Associates report with all members present involved.

Greg Wichelns noted that the state-issued permit will control the discharge from the proposed plant and raised the question: does the permit require the removal of nutrients? The answer could not be determined from the report or other documents available to the WQAC.

Tom Tepper posed two questions: does the WQAC accept the Draper Aden Associates report and if so how does the WQAC raise the level of visibility of the report before the Board of Supervisors? Mr. Tepper further noted that the last two paragraphs of the report were germane, and the report indicates that in the future the State could issue newer and higher standards that could be difficult to meet.

Following more discussion focused on the last two paragraphs of the Draper Aden Associates report. Monira Rifaat offered a resolution, seconded by Tom Tepper, that the report be sent to the Board of Supervisors with the notation of WQAC concerns over the last two paragraphs. The vote in favor of the resolution by the members present was unanimous (see attached).

Greg Wichelns offered a resolution, seconded by Monira Rifaat, recommending the forwarding of a copy of the Draper Aden Associates report to the Washington Town Council. The vote in favor of the resolution by members present was unanimous (see attached).

Bev Hunter introduced Christina Loock, a new member of RappFLOW. Ms. Loock presented some of the initial results of a study of two streams that bracket the Town of Washington - one unnamed, the other Big Branch. Ms. Loock's work indicated both Ph and dissolved oxygen were in the acceptable range; however, algae and E-Coli were excessive in the streams. Some of the data suggest that contamination of the streams comes from sources in town as well as upstream from town. Anecdotally, Ms. Loock noted the aroma of human sewerage was strong downstream of Washington. A brief discussion of the RappFLOW findings followed with emphasis on potential sources of the contamination.

Concerning the Hazel River Tier III designation, a short discussion surfaced the fact the State Water Board is continuing to look at the Hazel and has set in motion further research of the issue including a visit to Rappahannock County.

Bev Hunter requested time on the next meeting's agenda to present information stemming from the RappFLOW study of the Upper Thornton.

There being no further business and the hour approaching 6:30PM, the WQAC meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Reid Folsom, Chair